Customers are the heart and soul of Zipcan. In fact, Zipcan landed a customer before we even incorporated. We built a prototype, shared it with anyone who would listen, and 💥 boom 💥 a customer agreed to license the full product.

Engaging customers, and bringing them into our roadmap has been a value of ours. For example, before launching our beta product we consciously chose NOT to focus on specific use cases and build a broad brush tool that could fit multiple customer types. That bet paid off as we have seen adoption in education, network websites, software platforms and virtual events. 

In keeping with our core, we want to share what our customers have told us and how it is shaping what we do next. 

Miles Romney“There is a lot of opportunity to create new product experiences using quick video chat for customers. Tools like Zoom and Google Meet don't work when you want customers to engage in context. Zipcan's great expertise helped us get a new product to market faster, and saved on engineering time."

Miles Romney, CTO, eVisit


Lauren-headshot2“Zipcan made it clear how we could leverage the momentum in video conferencing to add a new service offering and drive new revenue in our business. The Zipcan team is professional and passionate. They want your business to succeed and are always willing to lend a helping hand to get you there."

Lauren Cecchi, co-founder, Signathon

Joe from expressed how important UX is when connecting both sides of his market place. Using a tool like Zoom was frustrating because they changed the marketplace status of his integration. 


Virtual events and conferences are missing out when they focus only on broadcast content. Networking and discussion are the steak and the sizzle. That's why has started to integrate Zipcan for "breakout rooms" connected to live streamed virtual events. 

Zipcan Evnts

With 100's of beta customers and as many 1-1 conversations  as we could fit in, we have landed on our next set of features. Coming in Q1 2021, we plan to roll out the ability for you to schedule events, dynamically create rooms with your users into a Zipcan session, theme the entire experience and allow website visitors to book a chat. Want more details? Schedule a 1-1 session and we will share our prototype

Zipcan Holiday Preview

🥂Cheers and Happy New Year from Zipcan.