So you’ve embedded Zipcan in your website, and want to connect it to Calendly. Once connected, your booked meetings will automatically take place on your website using Zipcan video chat. Follow these steps to get started. 

You will need:

A Calendly account.

A page within your app or website with Zipcan embedded. Click here to learn about embedding. 

1. Configure your Zipcan admin to Single Chat Room. Note: it is important that you have single room turned on, otherwise you will need to invite the attendee into the room you create on the day of the event. 

Zipcan admin

2. Copy the link on your website or app where you have embedded Zipcan.

3. In Calendly, click on the utility wheel, then edit for the Calendly scheduler you want to host on Zipcan. 

Calendly edit

4. In the edit location field, select Custom Option.

Custom URL in Calnedly

5. Paste the link from your website or app where you have Zipcan embedded. Make any other edits, the click save & close. 

Calendly Edit


6. At the time of your meeting both you and your attendee will be connected on your embedded instance of Zipcan. Because this is a single room, you will not need to approve callers, everyone will automatically come into the same room.

Tip: Calendly has so many other great features and options. For example, you could require payment for booking time with you. Add this calendar to your website and your customers can book paid time with you, and chat directly with you on your website!