If I use all of the free trial video calling time, can I upgrade? 

Yes. Please contact us. We have started releasing our paid plans. See this blog post for more details on pricing options. 

When do you expect to make the product available to anyone? 

We have release Zipcan to beta customers. Anyone new will need to sign up for the waitlist. We expect to start sending invites to the waitlist in Mid May 2021. Full public release will likely be Summer 2021. 

What are some of the main use cases? 

Most people are using Zipcan for customer engagement and collaboration within their website.

For B2C and B2B businesses, you can use Zipcan to allow your customers to call you, or quickly invite a customer to join a call with you.

For consulting or services businesses we are seeing businesses engage their customers using Zipcan to actually deliver their service.

For collaboration, you can allow your users to connect with each other in their own video chats. Anyone on any website can “phone a friend”, then video chat right there inside of your website. Collaborating in software, buying expensive items, helping with account setup, and more.

We are taking a very board approach so we hope you will use Zipcan in ways we never thought of. 

I embedded Zipcan but it does not look responsive. What do I do? 

If you used our direct embed option, you likely need to adjust the size of the container or adjust the height and width of our iframe. If your website is responsive, then 100% width and 500px minimum height should work well. Schedule time with us if you need help. 

Can I white-label Zipcan? 

Yes, we have released full theming options in the Zipcan admin. You will have a lot of control for the style and feartures of your video calls. We also offer paid plans to remove Zipcan branding. 

How does Zipcan compare to other tools like video API’s or Zoom? 

See our blog post summarizing all video chat, video conferencing and video API solutions.

What are the different options to configure video calls? 

Zipcan has a LOT of settings options because of our no-code approach. At a high level, Zipcan starts with a "video chat space". Each video chat space has it's own settings. Calls can happen as a standard default room, dynamic room or scheduled event. 

Dynamic rooms is a way to create your own unique and private call within your video chat space. We support unlimited dynamic rooms and they can be created in real time. 

Scheduled events are configured before the call and set based on date and time. Once the event is created, Zipcan will provide a unique invite link to conduct the call within it's embed location. 

How many people can be on my Zipcan call? 

We are supporting up to 13 participants (including the Host) for self service plans. For enterprise plans we can support 50 in a thumbnail/priority view. We expect to expand to 150+ soon. 

Can I stream my Zipcan call to other locations? 

Currently you can not stream a Zipcan call, but we may offer this in the future. Please contact us, we would love to hear about your needs. 

What websites will Zipcan work on? 

Any website where you have access to add custom Javascript code or an iFrame. Your account also needs to match the domain you are embedding on. To do this, add your domain in the Options> Security section of the Zipcan Dashboard.

If I don’t have a website or web-app, can I still use Zipcan? 

Yes, you can just use the direct URL, which can be found in the Dashboard.

What is WebRTC and does Zipcan use it?

Yes, we do use WebRTC, but we do it in our own special way. In general you should expect Zipcan to operate similarly to other WebRTC applications.

I embedded Zipcan but I don’t see it?

The domain you signed up with needs to match the domain you are embedding on. We do this to ensure your Zipcan instance can’t be added to other sites you don’t want. To do this, add the domain where you are embedding in the Zipcan Dashboard. 

You also should confirm that your website or CMS is not stripping out the Zipcan script when you embed. If it does, Zipcan will not load properly. 

Does Zipcan work with Google Sites?

Unfortunately not right now. Google wraps HTML and Code inserts in additional iframes, which causes conflict with our embed code.

What browsers does Zipcan support?

Zipcan supports the following modern browsers:

  • Chrome (v 56+)
    • MacOS
    • Windows
    • Chrome OS
  • Chrome for Android (v 85+)
  • Android Browser (v 81+)
  • MacOS Safari (v 11+)
  • iOS Safari (v 11+)
  • Firefox (v 44+)
    • MacOS
    • Windows
  • Firefox for Android (v 79+)
  • Edge (Chromium v 79 +)
    • MacOS
    • Windows
    • Android