Computer programming is still required for software development. But that doesn’t mean you need to know how to 'actually write it'.

Just think, early personal computers required command line code for them to work. Most individuals would never bother learning to use computers if they had to learn a programming language. That revolution is now happening with software. You don’t need to know code to create very powerful websites and applications.

Building with no-code tools can make you look like a rockstar. Not only can projects get done faster, but they are more reliable and user-friendly. You can also release more value added features, like how Zipcan can add video chat to any website or application.

What are No-Code Tools?

Rather than traditional computer programming, no-code development platforms (NCDPs) enable programmers and non-programmers to construct application software using graphical user interfaces and setup. Low-code development platforms and no-code development platforms are similar in that they both aim to speed up application development.

As startups and larger corporations deal with the contemporary trends of an increasingly mobile workforce and the dwindling availability of competent software engineers, no-code platforms have grown exponentially.

Benefits of No-Code Development Platforms

Faster Application Development

NCDPs frequently provide some level of templated user interface and user-experience capabilities for common needs like forms, processes, and data presentation, allowing app builders to move faster.

They do not Reinvent the Wheel; they use Tech from the Experts in each Category

According to Gartner, “By 2024, low-code application development will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity.” This ongoing change expands the pool of possible app makers beyond those with coding abilities to include everyone with an internet connection and basic knowledge. It also expands the capabilities of corporate “in house” technical teams to handle larger roadmaps with more speed and reliability. That is a huge value proposition!
Release and maintain a fully-featured Product without having to maintain endless amounts of Code

NCDPs, which used to get confined to basic application tasks, are now progressively providing a level of feature richness and integrations that allow users to design, develop, and deploy apps that match specific business objectives.

Who should Leverage No-Code

No-code choices are appropriate in various contexts, particularly for entrepreneurs and product managers who have a lot on their plate.

When compared to traditional coding methodologies, budding entrepreneurs may construct applications faster with NCDPs. Because they do not have to hand-code each line of code, developers can cut down on development time. It's extremely useful for individuals working on a personal project because it allows them to experiment and build something for themselves, or launch their idea without hiring a developer.

Product Managers
For Product Managers, the no-code revolution provides more possibilities to explore, and greater freedom to design things for themselves. Product Managers are constantly constrained by what is prioritized on the product roadmap, and existing code debt. No-code opens the door to accomplish roadmaps faster and with more confidence.


Building websites and apps using no-code or even low-code platforms is 100% possible by technical and non technical teams alike. No-code platforms are on the rise, especially for specific features like video chat. Entrepreneurs and business product managers should evaluate tools like Zipcan to solve specific tasks where building from scratch does not make sense.

NCDPs platforms have radically altered how business gets conducted today, more than simply saving time and money.