We are driven to develop and launch new products that enhance human interaction with creativity, fun and adventure. 

Spenser Lea and I love building products where the mission and vision can be realized just by using the product. Video has been the perfect playground for us.

Video chat does not stop at meetings. We see an opportunity to bring video chat to every corner of the web so you can engage your audience, create new service offerings using video conferencing, and allow your community to connect. All without linking out to a meetings tool.

Why do customers choose Zipcan? 🤔

  • Using meetings tools, like Zoom, is not an option. You need something integrated with your platform.
  • Building from scratch using API’s is also not an option because it takes too much time and your engineers are busy on other projects.

If you want to create conversations in context of your content and don’t have the resources to build something on your own, then Zipcan is a good fit.

How does it work? 🔨

Where are we now? Zipcan is coming out of beta, so you will need to sign up for the waitlist, but we send new invite codes every week! 

What do I get for free? 💰 We offer embeddable video chat, unlimited rooms, customizable styles, and 10 hours of video conversations.

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