Video chat is not a tool or a feature, it is an opportunity. Experiences and connections come with a premium these days and video chat is the perfect opportunity for evolving your product experiences. 

Virtual meetings is a logical use case, but it may only be the tip of the iceberg. Everyone has experienced video conferencing in their personal and professional lives. Now, they expect interactions to take place on video. Virtual conferencing has an opportunity to incorporate video chat into their experiences rather than linking out to 3rd party tools. Once they accomplish this, video chat within a virtual conference can become a monetized experience. 

Online chat tools for websites are the ubiquitous bubble in the lower right corner of most websites. Automated bot messages are common in text chat services, making them scalable for businesses but inconvenient for individuals. Text only chats may not be sufficient, necessitating the use of video chats.  Increased customer service, better insights and increased rate of real time interactions with customers are just some of the benefits for connecting website video chat to your text chat tools. 

Zipcan is a no-code option that makes video chat configurable, embeddable and scalable. Surface real-time video chat wherever needed inside a product or website. Our customers pick Zipcan because it’s more integrated than Zoom & faster than video WebRTC API’s like Twilio and it's alternatives.