EVNTS is a pioneer in the field of hybrid events. The virtual audience frequently misses the dialogue. As a result, they're now employing Zipcan to insert virtual breakout rooms alongside the live stream. They can establish ten-people groups watching the main event in their watch party room using Zipcan dynamic rooms. Moreover, the smaller group can start a discourse via video chat about the content from the big stage when the main show goes to intermission.

“We like to call ourselves the home of hybrid events.”

EVNTS recognizes the exceptional situation in which the world finds itself now and works to connect physical and virtual events to function together.

Zipcan's WebRTC-based dynamic rooms technology makes it simple to integrate physical and virtual events into their platform. This option allows people to participate in events virtually as if they were present in person. Furthermore, Zipcan's dynamic rooms feature allowed users to attend events in rooms with a group of individuals, with one half of the screen dedicated to watching the event and the other to interacting with some of the group members via video chat.

EVNTS wanted a quick-to-prototype solution. To enable the dynamic room’s functionality right into their application using Zipcan, all EVNTS had to do was copy and paste a embed code provided by Zipcan.

Overall, Zipcan enabled EVNTS to swiftly introduce one of their most important features — small group video chat breakout rooms.