How businesses connect with their customers and clients is evolving. As additional communication methods arise, one, particularly, is gaining considerable traction: live video chat.

Video is becoming the most popular digital medium in general. Watching videos on the internet was only possible in a few places ten years ago. Today, videos abound in social media feeds, frequently appearing in search engine results. Notably, YouTube became the second most visited website after Google.

Most people nowadays use various video chat tools like Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Apple FaceTime. However, video chat will, like recorded video, become ubiquitous in most website or web products in the near future.

Innovative Ways Companies are using Video Chat

Product managers are not required to endure long development cycles anymore. Now, they can easily add a no-code video chat option to their website or application using Zipcan's embeddable video chat technology. Some have already taken the lead, such as the following: recognizes the importance of networking. Therefore they chose to provide instant video chat within their community. Zipcan dynamic rooms can establish a private video chat for each connection on their platform. Even better, after your first three calls, integrated video chat is monetized as a premium feature! is a leader in sports memorabilia, but they wanted to branch out into digital products. Signathon now gives athletes one-on-one video chat sessions for a fee. Fans visit the website, which has Zipcan waiting rooms incorporated so athletes can speak with hundreds of fans at once!

Finally, one of the largest consumer fashion brands in the world built a virtual showroom for their retail customers to view the latest merchandise. They integrated Zipcan into their launch website so that merchandisers could interact with merchants in real-time.


Ultimately, live video chat is growing in popularity, and there are no indicators that this will change very soon. While it is critical to consider the benefits and drawbacks for your specific organization, we believe that most customers will quickly demand video chat as a communication method on most web products and site.