After months of work and great feedback from our early adopters, we have started our full product release. Every beta customer will immediately have access and an extended free trial. New customers will need to wait a little longer, but if you join the waitlist and share Zipcan with your friends, you could get an invite very soon!

Here is a preview of the full Zipcan product:



Video: The zipcan player is where your participants will conduct their video calls

  1. [Lobby] Every call starts with a lobby where the participants confirm their settings and enter their name. 
  2. [Waiting room & admit flow] If you are using Zipcan waiting room, the host will be notified of participants wanting to join. The host can message participants and admit them.
  3. [Controls] Participant controls appear across the bottom of the player. Hosts can mute all or participants can manage their own settings. 
  4. [Chat] Our text chat function is clean and simple. All participants see the same chat.

Admin: The Zipcan admin is where you will configure your video chats

  1. [Spaces] Video spaces is a new concept from Zipcan. Video spaces allow you to embed zipcan in multiple places, then change the behavior of how participants enter a video call or...the experience they have once they arrive. 
  2. [Settings] You can access the settings of any video space using the gear icon in the upper right corner. Zipcan settings is where you can easily turn on and off individual features. 
  3. [Theme] In our theme editor we have given you a LOT of control. You can adjust all colors, fonts and styles. This really brings to life the no code power of Zipcan. 
  4. [Events & dynamic rooms] Once your video space is configured, you can use that space to run as many unique calls as you would like. Using our events feature you can create a unique call, within your embedded space. You can invite participants or share the links. Dynamic rooms are the same concept but allow you to create unique rooms on the fly, programmatically. With URL parameters, you can pass in a room ID and user ID, ...which will generate the room and usher the participants in with ease. 

Embedding: is the unique differentiator for Zipcan. We make it dead simple to add video chat to your website. 

  1. [Options] You can embed Zipcan with our button, direct iframe or advanced NPM module. 
  2. [Button embed] Not only can you configure how your button looks, you can also adjust where the video initiates... in the lower right,... right sidebar... or as a modal overlay. 
  3. [Dynamic rooms] Dynamic rooms are initiated within your embed code. See our documentation in settings for more details. 

We are experts in video collaboration, that’s why Zipcan video is the #1 user interface for video calling in your app or website. With plans starting as low as $25 per month, our customers see immediate return on investment using our no code quick embedding options.

Pricing options

All beta customers have a clean slate of free use. If you would like to upgrade to access more video chat spaces, add more video call time, or remove Zipcan branding, please contact us.


We are always open to feedback or questions. Contact us or share your thoughts on social.

Thanks! Fritz, Spenser and the Zipcan team.